Súa chá

This project was a commission by Ojo Rojo Fábrica Visual and Tiempo de Juego with the
support of the Embassy of Spain in Colombia.

Soacha (the municipality of the department of Cundinamarca, and part of the Metropolitan Area of Bogotá) was an important village in the Muisca Confederation, the former country of the Muisca before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. The name is derived from the Chibcha words Súa, name of Sun god Sué, and chá which means "man"; "Man of the Sun". The original name Suecha has been changed to Soacha over time.

Despite the fact that in recent years numerous archaeological remains from the Muisca era have been found, there is still a great disconnection with the history of the territory that has undergone great transformations over the past decades; including becoming an important place of refuge in Bogotá for the victims of forced internal displacement that the country has suffered due to the armed conflict.

During this commission I explored in collaboration with the girls and boys of the neighborhood the Muisca legacy of Soacha, using the game as a tool to play together in search of the traces of the prehispanic past of their territory. Súa Chá is a collective recognition of the history of the neighborhood that connects us with the past and the future of this land.