The starting point of  “La raíz del tojo verde” (the root of green gorse), is the Ulex Europaeus plant -known in my native Galicia as toxo and renamed in Colombia as retamo- to reflect on plant migrations as a result of human actions, and the effects of these non-human displacements.

Based on the analysis of the tojo-retamo case and its repercussions at an environmental, political and socioeconomic level in these two different geographies, I create a bridge between both contexts to promote a translocal dialogue that allows us to rethink how we relate to nature and question the impact of humans on natural ecosystems.

The project consists of an installation that collects audiovisual material from archives and also produced by me, in dialogue with organic material from the eradication of the plant in Bogotá to reconstruct the social memory of this plant and promote the transfer of knowledge at a transnational and transdisciplinary level as a means of thinking of new practices of political ecology.

︎︎︎Image 1 and 2: Framed archival images crossed by a gorse branch
︎︎︎Image 3: Photographic images intervened with organic material from gorse
︎︎︎Image 4: Audiovisual installation. Two-channel video projected on organic gorse material

︎︎︎Gorse-shaped metal flag holder, gorse branch mast and archival photographs printed on fabric

︎︎︎Archival photographic images

This project was developed in the context of the grant: Residencia en Bloque. Instituto Distrital de las Artes – IDARTES. Bogotá, Colombia.  With the additional support of the Spanish Embassy in Colombia