Hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas of hotels are the stages of the unnoticed and delicated movements of the hotel maids that erase the traces of the visitors and give the welcome to the next guest. Hygieia, the Greek deity of cleaning, becomes the allegory of the work that these women carry out like a divine dance; tasks full of coordinated movements, an elegant and perfectionist completed work.

The hotel maids are one of the most important groups of the staff of the hotels in Spain. Their working conditions were always tough, but with the economic crisis they are experiencing a very serious process of precariousness that is altering their basic rights. An excessive workload and unsustainable rithms of work under conditions of precarious contracts that is threatening the welfare of these women.

Hygieia dignifies the work of the hotel maids. It is an approach to the privacy of the hotel cleaners through different eyes looking for the poetic scenes that reveal the harmony, delicacy and dedication with which these women carry out their duties. Images that play with the notion of invisibility of this sector, revealing unnoticed movements, landscapes that mask the face of these women only discovered by the order of the objects. Vestiges that fade with the passage of new guests, faded prints thanks to the impeccable work of the maids that leave no trace.