One of the earliest attempts to impart some form of order on the universe around us were the constellations. Those representations are probably the first maps that the humans developed, a way used to track the time and also the space. About tangerines and avocados is a photographic series that draws a constellation using the domestic sphere as space; a visualization of the tension that exists between a mixed nationality couple with colonial background. A map that allows various interpretations but at the same time helps giving a sense of orientation in this universe influenced by the barriers of different nature -physical, institutional, political, emotional, cultural and social- to which they have to face. A transformation of the domestic space into a nation, a scenario that reveals the emotional dimension of the constant need to demonstrate the veracity of their love.

"Tangerines are most probably indigenous to Southeast Asia while avocados are likely to have originated from South Central Mexico. It goes without saying that despite being so different in origin they are totally natural to be seen today in the same house in any part of the globe. And if it's about people, not fruit? Through this vivid metaphor the series “About tangerines and avocados” by Ana Núñez Rodríguez draws on the complexities of the coexistence of European and Latin American reality within one particular family. It is contemplative, delicate, at times tense and unsettling, but still - natural. One sees this duality coming to peace in the universal reality, created by the photographer, where one's hand no matter the origin is always a perfect puzzle piece for another human's hand."

Yana Kruse for Dienacht Magazine. March 2021.