Ana Núñez Rodríguez

I am a research-based photographer living and working between Spain and Colombia. In my work I delve into the politics of identity, connecting my own experience of navigating between both cultural realities with other voices. Through the use of images I establish new forms of collaboration and knowledge production that reveal forgotten colonial legacies and question the impacts of collective memory and cultural heritage on identity.

Member of Rastro Studio
Co-founder of Simulacro Ediciones


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2018-2020 Master Photography and Society. KABK, Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. The Netherlands. Graduated with Honours.
2017 Postgraduate in Photography. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia.
2015 Documentary Photography and Contemporary Creation. Escuela Superior de Imagen y Diseño, IDEP. Barcelona, Spain.
2011 Postgraduate in Cultural Projects and Heritage. Instituto Universitario Lisboa. Lisbon, Portugal.
2004-2008 Industrial Engineering. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Spain.

2023 Grant for Independent Editorial Projects. Instituto Distrital de las Artes. Colombia.
2022 II Editorial Award for Galician Documentary Photography. FFoco, Photography Festival A Coruña.
2022 Selected for FUTURES Photography.
2021 Shortlisted PhMuseum Photography Grant.
2021 Nominee International Photography Grant.
2020-21 Lighthouse Talent Program. Fotodok. Utrecht. The Netherlands.
2020 Photography and Society Department Award. Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. The Netherlands.
2020 EAN10 Encontro Artistas Novos. Cidade da Cultura. Santiago de Compostela. Spain.
2020 Grant for Independent Editorial Projects. Instituto Distrital de las Artes. Colombia.
2017 Selected for Descubrimientos Photo España . Madrid, Spain.
2017 Winner Best Portfolio Review. Fotográfica Bogotá 2017.
2016 Award Fundación Artemisia. Bucaramaga, Colombia.

Art residencies
2023 Arvae Research Residency. The SAE Greenhouse Lab. Zurich. Switzerland.
2023 Cow House Studios. Ireland.
2023 Residencia en Bloque. Instituto Distrital de las Artes – IDARTES. Bogotá, Colombia.
2021 Creative Court. The Hague, The Netherlands. 
2018 Museum of Contemporary Art - MAC. A Coruña, Spain.
2017 Rice Valley Projects. Sonobe, Japan.

Individual Exhibitions
2022 Cooking Potato Stories. Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam. FOAM 3h. Amsterdam.
2021 En Tierra Firme. Intervention on the Hejduk Towers. Centro Gaiás, Cidade da Cultura. Santiago de Compostela. Spain
2017 Take no Kioku. Anewal Gallery. Kyoto, Japan. 
2017 Plano Interior. Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. Bogotá. Colombia. 

Collective Exhibitions
2024 Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie. Germany. 
2023. Artecámara. ARTBO | Feria Internacional de Arte de Bogotá. Colombia
2023. Captcha: Conjunto de acciones participativas, temporales y colectivas para humanos no autómatas.  Rastro Studio. Programación virtual Red Galeria Santa Fe. Bogotá, Colombia.
2023 Pantalla Completa, videojuegos desde la imagen fotográfica. Curated by Ignacio Navas. El Local. Madrid. Spain.
2023 Getxophoto. International Images Festival. 17th edition curated by María Ptqk. Getxo, Spain.
2023 Co-Habitations. WE ARE AIA I Awareness in Art. Zurich, Switzerland.
2023 Food Culture Days. Vevey, 
2022 Jugársela Toda. Galería La Cometa. Bogotá, Colombia.
2022 Borrar con un dedo lo que se hace con otro. Rastro Studio. Bogotá, Colombia.
2022 Universo fotolibro: constelaciones impresas de América Latina 2019-2022 Curaduría de Laura Carbonell. Fiebre Photobook. Madrid, España.
2022 Imaginária, Festa do Fotolivro. São Paulo, Brasil.
2022 Schpensa Digital Platform. Arosa, Switzerland. 
2022 Festival Circulation(s). Paris.
2021 Orgánica. Fundación Gilberto Alzate. Bogotá. Colombia.
2021 Festival ZUM.  Biblioteca do IMS Paulista. São Paulo, Brasil.
2021 Nexus. Photo Open Up. Festival Internazionale di Fotografia a Padova.
2021 Nexus. XVLI Space. Online exhibition curated by William Lakin and Sophie Gladstone.
2021 PhotoIreland Festival. Dublin, Ireland.
2021 Friction Atlas. Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. The Netherlands.
2019 iNstantes - Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Avintes. Portugal.
2018 14 en Positivo. Museum of Contemporary Art of Coruña. Coruña, Spain.
2018 The Family of No Man: Revisioning the world through non-male eyes. Curated by Natasha Christia and Brad Feuerhelm. Les rencontres de la photographie Arles.
2017 Dones en Lluita. Espai d'inclusió i formació Casc Antic. Barcelona, Spain.
2017 Fotográfica Bogotá . Museo de Arquitectura Leopoldo Rother. Bogotá, Colombia.  
2016 Cartografías Subjetivas. Artemisia. Bucaramanga, Colombia.
2016 Pa-ta-ta Festival. Granada, Spain.
2016 Blanco Sobre Negro. Universidad Cooperativa. Bogotá, Colombia.
2016 MERAK(i) Festival Courants d’Airs. Conservatoire Royal De Bruxelles.
2016 256KB. Collective Exhibition. IDEP-Barcelona.

Press, features & interviews (selection)
Libération, Paris. Cooking Potato Stories.
Der Freitag, Berlin. Cooking Potato Stories.
Foam Magazine Issue #63 FOOD! ︎
Photo31. Cooking Potato Stories.
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